LAW IN CONTEXT began as a book in 1991 and is now also a podcast series designed to introduce law in a critical way to the general public, current students and those thinking of taking up the subject.

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episode 8 – CORPORATIONS

There is almost nothing we do in our everyday lives that does not involve corporations or companies.  From small family companies to global corporations which are larger than the economies of some countries, corporations dominate our lives.  In this episode we look at what a corporation is.  We focus on a subset of corporations; companies with a share capital which operate a business for profit.

In future episodes we will look at some of the issues surrounding “limited liability” and at businesses behaving badly.  This episode sets the scene for those, offering a legal primer on what corporations are.

Do Not Enter Sign

episode 9 – Why do people obey the law?

Myths abound about crime rates and law-breaking.  In fact, some kinds of crime are going down and others are probably going up.  A more interesting question is why so many people obey the law most of the time.  In this episode we look at the main theories about legal obedience. 

Listen to the Two Steves agonise about all this, whilst having a dig at politicians, only to happily conclude that we might still be asking the wrong questions.

Rule of Law

episode 10 – WHAT IS JUSTICE?

In this episode, not daunted by previous challenges to explain basic legal concepts clearly, the Two Steves take on the big one: What is Justice?

Most lawyers instinctively take a procedural approach to justice. 

And yet every day we hear people say that a particular result is unjust, even though all the rules have been followed and all the boxes ticked. Their sense of justice is more substantive than procedural.

To understand law at the margins, as well as at its centre, we need to know about and consciously adopt a substantive sense of what is justice.

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